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“Got this feeling in my head / it won’t go away”

A while back, last.fm repeatedly played me Calvin Harris’s “The Girls.” So I downloaded the album and promptly forgot about it; but I remembered it, and started listening to it, a couple of days ago. It’s pretty good; but it is odd to hear what is basically Fat Harry White doing Audio Bullys covers.

Still, it does mean that, as a bonus to remembering Calvin Harris, I also remembered the Audio Bullys. In fact, listening to the Audio Bullys in the context of Calvin Harris makes hear something I think I missed the first time around, which is the nostalgia that pervades their records; they don’t so much make dance music as make records about a certain relation to dance music, a relation that I’m not sure exists any longer. It seemed an odd connection when it first occoured to me, but the more I think about it the more plausible it seems: weren’t the Audio Bullys doing something rather similar to Burial?