Lazy rascals, spending their substance, and more, in riotous living

I don’t miss JK and Joel though, obviously

I hadn’t realized until I was back in England over Christmas, but I kind of miss Radio 1. At least during the day, the playlist still has a vague remnant of a kind of public-service universalism, which is very different from the rigid demographic separation of American radion stations. Of course, given the state of pop music at the moment, this does mean that 75% of the time they’re playing Chas and Dave shite, but the rest of the time it’s ludicrous dance music and/or the fantastic new Kelly Rowland single (which is not even being released over here), and the contrast is so appealing its almost worth listening through the crap. Read more↴

I hate Barack Obama (a post for MLK day)

When I first heard Obama’s “uniter, not a divider” schtick from the 2004 Democratic convention, I thought he was just an idiot, warming up the crowds with a bit of feel-good, content-free nonsense. But I don’t think so anymore. Obama’s nonsense is an extremely calculated, supremely mendacious work of rhetoric. Look at how he chose to “honor” Martin Luther King yesterday: Read more↴