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Headlines ripped straight from a Grant Morrison comic

Nazi Philip wanted Diana dead, Fayed tells inquest.

Awesome. I wonder if Fayed is in touch with Lyndon LaRouche:

The now rapidly accumulating evidence of a European plot to establish a fascist dictatorship over western and central Europe, when this ongoing activity is compared with the fascist plot led by the cabal gathered around New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, and around traditionally fascist figures such as George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn of Pinochet regime notoriety, makes it fair to say that an immediate threat of an international fascist coup d’etat is currently in full swing in both the U.S.A. and western and central Europe. It is only during this month that the implications of this trans-Atlantic fascist plot have exposed themselves as a clear and present immediate danger to civilization world-wide.

There’s something amazingly compelling about the grammatical structure of that paragraph.

Why do American legislators hate democracy?

As 4chan takes the lulz to the streets, hilarity is already firmly ensconced in US corridors of power. In response to a symbollic anti-recruitment resolution from the Berkeley City Council, some tool from South Carolina has proposed legislation in the senate (the “Semper Fi Act 2008”; I’m not sure whether that bit of hilariously camp macho posturing is its official title or not) removing some federal money and that from Berkeley. Aside from the fundamental misunderstanding of the role of a national legislature here (which is even worse than last years “senate condemns a newspaper ad” silliness), it’s funny how the right wing are so keen to portray the US military as delicate flowers whose feelings need to be protected from horrid, mean leftists. Why do they hate the troops so much? And why are American legislators so keen to bring the political process into disrepute?

And Bill O’Reilly last night was outraged: “It’s not a matter of saying … they were voting on taking their parking spaces away, they’re making it difficult for them to operate.” The horror! How will those poor, poor marine recruiters cope with having to walk around the block to get to work?

“Obama Represents Hope For a Clean Break With The Politics of Division”

Satirical genius, or spectacular tin ear for rhetoric? You decide!

Jean-François Lyotard’s dead

Interesting piece on the increasingly non-contemporary nature of post-modernism (via Warren Ellis): Read more↴

Obama: America’s Sarkozy?

I was impressed with his willingness to look at the issues that France faces in a new ways, not bound by tradition and dogmas.

Obama on Sarkozy

Ensemble, sans les pauvres, les étrangers, les RMIstes, la gauche, l’extrême gauche, les communistes, le CDI, les homosexuels, les intermittents, les séropositifs, les handicapés, un ministère de l’Éducation, de la Culture, les journalistes indépendants, les Noirs, les Arabes, les Noah, les Thuram et le mec qui a piqué ma femme, tout devient possible. Read more↴