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The Official Charts of 2016

In no particular order, and somewhat arbitrarily selected from a bunch of other great stuff that came out in 2016 (and also collected in a Spotify play list)

Top tracks

  • Karó, “Silhouette.”
  • Florrie, “Real Love.” A bass line like a thunderstorm.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen, “Fever.” “My breath was lost when you said ‘friends’ / well that could work but I’m still hot for you.”
  • Brandy Clark, “Since You’ve Gone to Heaven.”
  • Little Mix, “Power.” On the one hand, Glory Days was a kind of disappointing album, but on the other hand, “Motorbike / motorbike / motorbike / motorbike / bike bike / bike bike / bike bike bike bike / bike bike whoo!”
  • Rihanna, “Work.”

Top albums

Top surprises

  • Surprisingly bad: Pet Shop Boys, Super (“The Pop Kids” is great, the rest of the album is between mediocre and actively bad)
  • Surprisingly good: Craig David, Following my Intuition
  • Surprisingly finally making a record as good as Popjustice have been insisting for years they are: Niki and the Dove, Everyone’s Heart is Broken Now

Top artists I first heard of in 2016

Top trends

And finally, most important, and always a hard-fought category: top Britney Spears

  1. Britney Spears