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Time goes slow in the dark

 Wow, is it really ten years since Kenickie released “Punka”? Apparently, according to an interesting article on Bis, Kenickie, and others I don’t think I ever heard even on John Peel (via). The author rightly bigs up “Come Out 2nite,” but forgets to mention the almost-as-good “Classy.” And he adds a comment that quotes Steven Wells’s spot-on description of Shampoo:

We found Jackie and Carrie – two evil-looking 16-year-old fanzine editors and wannabe pop stars with Kylie haircuts, fluffy angora coats and stares so dumb and insolent that they freeze your blood.

They also produced possibly the most anti-capitalist pop video I’ve ever seen:

Watch: Shampoo – Viva La Megababes

One gets a similar sense of temporal distortion listening to The Prodigy Experience and Burial back-to-back. The Prodigy suddenly sound so much eerier, you begin to hear the gaps in their tracks, as it were. I do hope that Burial chose the name in homage to the UK ska artist; it would be a nice nod to a rarely acknowledged root of the hardcore continuum.