Lazy rascals, spending their substance, and more, in riotous living

8tracks mixtape themes I can’t think of eight tracks for

  • Walmart as Utopia. Obviously there are lots of songs about conspicuous consumption, but most of them are about a fantasy level of consumption which is unattainable (probably, for the artist; certainly, for most of their audience). I think Jay-Z has actually produced the Adornian nec plus ultra of this genre with “Picasso Baby.” How do you top a song that says, “I’m so rich I can buy art, the value of which is defined precisely by its purported exclusion from the sphere of exchange-value”? But what I’m thinking of for this theme are those songs where the utopianism of consumption is placed somewhere rather more everyday: Diamond’s “Living in the Mall” is probably my favourite example, though Shampoo’s “Take a Break” kind of works too.
  • Love songs where romance is expressed through the kind of home-making activities which emphasize the less pleasant aspects of embodiment. I was reminded of this by the line about septic tanks in Kacey Musgraves’s “My House,” but the best example is Arab Strap’s “There is no Ending.”
  • Phoneme-merger bangers. Actually the only example I can think of for this is Kacey Musgraves’s hymn to the Mary/marry/merry merger, “Merry Go Round.”

Any suggestions gratefully received, obviously.