Lazy rascals, spending their substance, and more, in riotous living

Things to like on British TV

  1. Jade has yet to talk about her support for secular Palestinian nationalism, but her Kefiyah speaks volumes. Jade Goody’s apparent support for Fatah on Celebrity Big Brother.
  2. The This Life special nostalgically reviving lazy mid-90s reflexive “irony” (Egg has written a book! Little does he know he is just a character himself!).
  3. The current state of British dance music, as filtered through ads for compilations. A surprisingly high concentration of Happy Hardcore (is this just a north of England thing?), and a remix of “Another Brick in the Wall.” Genius.

I’m not so keen on the fact that ITV and the producers of Dead Clever seem to think it’s OK to structure your plot around classic 1950s cliche, “Lesbian, driven mad by her disordered, unnatural lusts, turns to murder.”