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The Official Chart for November 8

New Rustie! Also three-month-old Rustie that I’ve only now heard. In much the same overdriven neon Tangfastic vein as his previous work, although these new tracks seem a bit more, I don’t know, frantic?

Australian folk-pop. The electronic backing reminds me a bit of Beth Orton (though the similarity is more obvious on this more folky track), as do the great hooks.

And I guess it’s Australian week at Voyou Désoeuvré, with this Canberra-based, IDK what you call it, indie synthpop?

New Pia Mia. A similar sound to Bieber’s recent tracks, which apparently we’re calling tropical house? Better than her last single, which was surprisingly 2010-issue dance-R&B; but not as good as her R&bass banger “Fuck with You.”

Finally, some winsome indie-rock that is somewhere between The Moldy Peaches and the soundtrack to a 90s teen movie.