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The Official Chart for November 15

Salute is a really great album; it’s thematically coherent and uses a carefully chosen range of musical styles (primarily from 90s R&B) that complement those themes. I begin by gushing about Salute in order to make it clear that when I say Get Weird isn’t as good as Salute, that doesn’t mean Get Weird isn’t good. The singles, “Black Magic” and “Love me Like You” are both very fun (especially with their teen-movie pastiche videos), and I like the 80s synth-funk of “Weird People,” too, although I suspect they were going more for Prince than for the Huey Lewis and the News sound they end up with. But it doesn’t have the awe-inspiring focus of Salute; and it’s probably nor coincidence that my favourite track on the new album is the one that’s closest to the sound of their last, “Hair.” Read more↴