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The empire never ended

So it turns out Hillary Clinton isn’t just an isolated Communist conspirator, either:

We know that in 1991, the Soviet Union “spontaneously” collapsed and that its leaders, who remain in power to this day, suddenly, independently, at precisely the same moment, inexplicably transformed into…Democrats!

He continues:

In short, the Soviet Union never fell. It transformed its appearance dramatically, but only superficially, in a shrewd strategic move that tricked Western policy makers into unilateral disarmament.… We declared ourselves the winner and went home, neither party daring to risk even a cursory examination of the circumstances surrounding this surprise event, for fear of what the blatantly obvious must force them to confront.

With Islamic Jihad, the Soviet Union found the ideal vehicle to continue its war with the West, while continuing to uphold the myth of their demise. A large population of ignorant, unemployed, discouraged, disenfranchised, naïve Muslim youths has provided fertile ground for recruitment into what can only be described as the consummate false flag operation.

The Soviets are moving to reassert themselves on the world stage. We cannot hope to win if we don’t even know who the enemy is. We must recognize this, now!

The Democrats are forcefully determined to impose their Socialist agenda on us. This agenda has shown itself to be an unqualified failure despite fifty years and countless trillions of taxpayer dollars worth of effort—ample time and resources for it to prove otherwise. Furthermore, many of these same people are working—covertly and some not so covertly—to bring about the very communist victory the Soviets have sought since 1917.

Vote Republican this November 7th!