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The Official Charts of 2017

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Top tracks

Top albums

Top new(ish) artists

  • Terror Jr. I’m surprised to see I didn’t mention them in last year’s music wrap-up post, but I guess 2017 was the year I realised R&bass ballads about depression were extremely my jam.
  • Suzi Wu. Teenagers who sound like the Happy Mondays also apparently my jam.
  • Pixx. Anyone who sounds like Electrelane obviously my jam.

Top trends

Special prizes

  • Best Cher Lloyd song. More competition for this prize than you would expect in a year where Cher Lloyd didn’t release any music. The winner: Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexha – ‘Back to You’ (this is also the best post-1D solo track).
  • Most baffling success: Dua Lipa. I guess the British public have decided that Zara Larsson’s music just isn’t quite boring enough?