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The Official Chart for March 13

The only problem with the version of Miguel’s “Waves” that adds Kacey Musgraves is that now I’m going to be disappointed when Musgraves’s next album isn’t wall-to-wall Prince-gone-country sex jams.

“If You Let me Go” by Salt Ashes apparently came out in 2014, but I must have missed it; which was an oversight, because it’s just the kind of melodramatic but dancey pop I like; it reminds me a little bit of Nicola Roberts (and, I ask again, when is Nicola Roberts’s second album coming out?). Possibly even better is the bassline remix by The Groef Guys.

Spotify’s ad algorithm seems to think I want to listen to Coldplay and the indie top 10 (spoiler alert: I do not). Luckily, its music recommendation algorithm thinks I want to listen to this kind of gothy synthpop, which is wholly correct.

Chicago singer and rapper Tink is going unusually hard-edged on this new track.

Sasha Go Hard’s new mixtape goes as hard as you would expect (i. e., very hard). I particularly like “Call the Cops.”

A more resigned take on urban alienation in K-pop (K-indie? K-goth-synthpop?) singer Neon Bunny’s new track, “Forest of Skyscrapers.” I mostly like this song, though, for pointing me in the direction of a song of hers from 2014, “It’s You,” which is beautiful and banging.

Finally, another Korean track from 2014, 4Ten’s “Tornado” (which appears on, and is the standout from, their new EP, Jack of All Trades), which sounds like a dance remix of Radio Disney power-pop.