Lazy rascals, spending their substance, and more, in riotous living

Mao more than ever

Damn it, sometimes I fear I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic. I’ve just noticed I missed an awesome-sounding conference about Mao, and two talks by eponymous Walter Benjamin scholar, Andrew Benjamin. Not to mention living on this continent means I can all too easily end up in a city where the temperature drops below 0° Fahrenheit (something I had, in my metric-system innocence, assumed was impossible).

That being said, there are advantages. I was in Chicago for a conference which was about as good as a non-Maoist conference could be expected to be; great papers on the 1844 Manuscripts and Machiavelli, among others. I ended up getting in a drunken argument when someone else mentioned Katie Price, leading me to launch into an explanation of how my paper proved Jordan’s revolutionary credentials; that’s what you want from a conference. I met up with Moll, who showed me her hipster neighborhood and pointed me in the direction of a great alternative zine/comics (or, as I suspect they would spell it, comix) shop. They had a copy of Prairie Fire for sale! The revolution is surely just round the corner. I didn’t buy it though, as I already have a copy; I did pick up a pamphlet called “Trashing the Neoliberal City,”  about anti-gentrification and pro-public-space actions in Chicago.