Voyou Désœuvré

this article is incredibly stupid. So stupid, in fact, that it makes the article next to it, Martin Kettle’s condemnation of the lack of “consensus” in US politics, look almost coherent. But not quite, obviously.


  1. Rachel, 8:50 am, December 30, 2007

    Why do you think it was so stupid? I thought it was pretty silly, for the reasons that some of the commenters pointed out. Boasting about your job probably makes you look like a bit of an idiot, and most of the men were looking to pick someone up, not “for love”. But do you have a different reason?

    However, I think it is possible that men (outside Cambridge, of course) do prefer women who are pretty and sweet, rather than intelligent. I’ve certainly noticed that a lot of women do hide their intelligence.

  2. voyou, 11:38 am, January 1, 2008

    The article is a particularly stark example of using journalistic cliches not just as a substitute for, but in direct opposition to, any kind of coherent argument. The writer uses standard journalistic cliche no. 94 to denote “intellectualism,” (didn’t Heidegger stop being a shorthand for “intellectual” sometime in the mid 60s?) despite the fact that the cliche is dismissive of intelligence, whereas the article is supposed to be a defense of intellectualism.

    Gah, the more I think about it, the more angry I get. Everything that’s wrong with the world compressed into one newspaper column.

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