Voyou Désœuvré

Just come across this quote from Hayek:

The proletariat which capitalism can be said to have ‘created’ was thus not a proportion of the population which would have existed without it and which it had degraded to a lower level; it was an additional population which was enabled to grow up by the new opportunities for employment which capitalism provided. (The Constitution of Liberty)

There you go, proletarians: be grateful to capitalism for even allowing you to exist.


  1. tim, 3:28 am, December 19, 2006

    Seems like a fair enough comment to me.  Capitalism certainly does more to guarantee the existance of the proletariat than Communism or Socialism.

  2. voyou, 11:18 am, December 19, 2006

    Well, yes. The whole point of communism is the self-abolition of the proletariat.

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