Voyou Désœuvré

Watch: Illona Mitrecey

Via Jessica, a marvelous French pop song. My French isn’t good enough to be entirely sure what it’s about, but I suspect the influence of Fourier:

Quand ça m’plaît plus j’efface tout et je recommence
Avec d’autres maisons et d’autres animaux

These “autres animaux” appear to include a bird, a goat, and a crocodile; un autre crocodile or, would it be too much to suggest, a counter-crocodile? Which, in a roundabout way, makes me think of Fourier’s exemplary materialism. Only an idealism that saw human beings as separate from nature would posit a social revolution that excluded the “natural.”


  1. Chris Brooke, 1:45 am, August 10, 2007

    I liked the goats, especially, in the video.

  2. voyou, 9:17 pm, August 12, 2007

    Yes, they are good. The youtube page for that video has other songs by Ilona Mitrecy, with videos in a similar style, including more goats, some of them in space.

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